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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

We all labour against our own cure, for death is the cure of all diseases. - Sir Thomas Browne



So here we had a flashback scene to where Tana was 6 and she tells the story of one Vsmpire, Casper. He was romantic vampire I guess. He didn't wanna kill his prey but he didn't want to be alone either. He would seduce people and then bite them and run off, turning them into vampires and then they wouldn't know what to do so they would end up killing people as well.


A few years later, her mother got infected and her dad locked her up, because after about 90 days the infection would be out of her system and she would be human again. She would scream in the middle of the night and it would upset her and her sister. Her dad would drink and drink and turn the tv up so he couldn't hear. But they knew. After 40 days or something her mom convinced Tana to let her out, saying she was all better and her dad was just trying to lock her up and never let her out. Tana unlocked the door...and her mother bit her.


Wow, so that flashback was horrible. Her mom got bitten and then she bit her daughter. You would never forget something like that. But it's a disease. You can't help how you act when that happens. I wonder what happened to her mother after that. Since we know Tana was okay, she didn't turn into anything. She's fine.