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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

Death is the dropping of the flower, that the fruit may swell. - Henry Ward Beecher



Tana decides to enter the room, and the vampire must be tied up cause he didn't jump. She goes to try to take the tape off Aiden (her ex boyfriend's) mouth and the vampire is trying to warn her, but he can't. Once she's get the tape off, she turns around and Aiden BITES HER! He's a vampire too (new one). He instantly apologizes and then she goes to try to help the other vampire (Gavriel).


She decides to pull the dark stuff off the windows so light comes in, she hears noises at the door and tells them not to come in because there is light, there must be more vampires in the house. She wants to help them and take them both out by putting them in the trunk of her car. So she jumps out the window and goes and sits in her car. Finally feeling in control.


So this part was kinda strange. She finds out someone she used to love is now a vampire, and he bit her, so now she is infected. And Gavriel was so helpful she wants to help him too. He seems nice, for a monster.