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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

He whom the Gods love dies young. - Menander



So Tana did decide to go back to get Aiden and Gavriel. She drove her car to the window and climbed back in. But it was darker, and the other vampires were gonna come in when it was full dark. They wanted to kill her. So pretty much she makes Aiden help her with getting Gavriel all wrapped up. He gets wrapped in a bag as well as a blanket. Aiden then jumps out the window because the sun is getting and then Gavriel follows and then the vampires come in. Tana is still in the room. She gets on the window and jumps out, the vampire grabs her leg but she's already out, but the sunlight sears the vampires arm and burns it. Ouch. Then Tana makes Aiden drive, because she's too sore to do it and because it will help fight his urge to kill her. Gavriel is in the car boot so he can't really do much. All we know is he needs to go because he is in trouble with some high up vampire and needs saving. Of course it has to be Tana that saves him.


This was a crazy chapter. I did enjoy it, I had trouble with it though. Mainly cause I feel really sick right now and have a hard time enjoying anything when I'm sick. Poor Tana though, she's all scratched up and everything. I want to know what Gavriel did to be in that much trouble with those other vampires.


Also, sorry for these oddly constructed para-reviews. I'm not a strong writer as you can tell. I want to get better. Also I'm too sick to even bother with putting effort into this one, so its slightly more horrible that the other 4.