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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

There's no such thing as death. In nature nothing dies. From each sad remnant of decay. Some forms of life arise. - Charles Mackay



All this was about was Tana and Aiden's relationship and how much of a jerk he was.


Aiden is horrible. He truly was the worst boyfriend ever. He pushed the limits. He did it all to get a reaction from Tana. He took her to parties and hooked up with girls, hooked up with guys, in front of her seeing what she'd do. She didn't wanna be one of those crazy ass girls that go and cry about it. So she'd go up after he'd finish and introduce herself and offer tips. Once he even asked her to hookup with this guy that he'd just hooked up with. And she did. He was shocked. A few weeks later he broke up with her because he thought they were getting "too serious".


Come on. That whole relationship was childish. He was such an idiot to do that to her. If my boyfriend ever did that I wouldn't even go ape crazy shit on his ass, I'd just leave and say nothing ever. Even though I so wanna go ape shit on his ass right now. He's such an idiot. And I'm a girl so were all a little crazy.


I kinda hate Aiden right now.


And I only feel worse, I'm getting more and more sicker by the day. Hellllppppp.


Hate this shittttt.